Cornell faculty and students deploy a network of 15 seismometers for a year-long assessment of background-level seismicity near campus.

The long-term goals of ESH are to create a new regional energy supply and to heat Cornell’s Ithaca campus using only natural, renewable resources including heat energy from the earth.

Cornell’s campus is where our core education mission and commitment to sustainability intersect. We have a longstanding tradition of using our campuses as “living laboratories” where faculty, researchers, students and staff advance academic research by creating, testing and implementing a variety of solutions to real-world challenges.

Currently, Cornell is exploring Earth Source Heat, which experts believe could create a new renewable energy industry capable of sustainably meeting heating challenges throughout the world. This creates an opportunity for education and engagement on a scale that demonstrates how research innovations might be deployed for regional, national or global benefit.


ESH Community Forum-May 17, 2018